Our district 27 JMK Laureate Regina Schoenberger won one of the 12 Zonta International JMK Scholarships!

 In 2013, Regina Schönberger graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with distinction from Freie Universität Berlin. During her undergraduate studies, she spent an exchange year at the University of California, Berkeley, through an exchange scholarship by Freie Universität Berlin and DAAD. In Berkeley, she discovered her interest for entrepreneurship and private-sector involvement in developing countries. After her graduation, she deepened her knowledge in these areas by working for the German development agency GIZ in Berlin and Jakarta for several months. Since October 2014, Regina Schönberger is reading for the MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford, as scholar of Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS). For her master’s thesis, she spent three months in Nigeria where she conducted fieldwork on women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship. Outside of her studies, she serves as representative of all KAS scholars in Oxford and has continued her longstanding commitment to support underprivileged students by mentoring and tutoring high school students in Oxford. She played Volleyball for the second university team, and served as Vice-President of the Oxford University Volleyball Club. Currently, she rows for the first boat of St Antony’s College.

The second winner is Diana Gherasim (ZC Dijon, France)
The third winner is Floriane Hernalsteens (ZC Brussel Zavel, Belgium)