YWPA District 27 Winners 2016

 Da-Un Jeong ZC Bremen

Da-Un Jeong ZC Bremen

 Dear Friends In the name of the District 27 YWPA Committee it’s my great pleasure to announce our YWPA District winners 2016:

1. Da-Un Jeong ZC Bremen

2. Sophie Rasqui ZC Luxembourg Multiculturel

3. Stephanie Lange ZC Hannover

Congratulations to these outstanding young women, the clubs supporting them and all the Zontians in our District who put in a lot of effort and time to promote this award. Everyone can be really proud of these results ! Our District had a total of 56 YWPA applications of which 22 were transferred to District level – not a single one of them was missing a single signature !!!! Thank you very much !!!!. The quality of the applications was extraordinarily high and it was very difficult for the jury to come to a final decision within let’s say the top 5 candidates – however in the end, there was no question about the winners ;). As you all know we tried for the first time a simple system of ranking to take out bias by jurors giving more or less points, but this system does only work if jurors still give individual ranks and don’t lump candidates together in 4 or 5 groups (I know that this is sometimes VERY difficult) – always leave some room for improvement ;). Moreover there really should be a jury member – actively voting – for each area in order to avoid preferential voting. We made a big effort right from the beginning of this Biennium but once the >20 applications hit the floor enthusiasm often slows down. So, a big thank you to our 4 jurors who kept it going to the very end ! Please find enclosed the final ranking of all candidates – there are no secrets, those who are not happy with the voting can always apply to become a jury member next year 😉 Last but not least I have one more thing to say which is unfortunately « good bye » not only as your YWPA District committee chairman but also as a Member of District 27. My family and I will move to Lake Geneva in the summer part of Zonta District 30 – a new challenge, let’s hope for the best ! I really enjoyed my 2 years on the District Board and I want to thank you for your friendship and hard work to promote the YWPA Award – keep it going and « see you soon » at the next Interdistrict Conference ….. Please share this mail with all your club presidents ! Zontian Greetings Kerstin Wagner YWPA District 27 Committee Chairman 2014-16


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