YWPA District 27 winners 2017

On behalf of our Governor, the YWPA committee has the pleasure to present the D27 YWPA 2017 results. We can be proud that this program is so strong in our district . Out of 60 entries all around the district, 25 applications were forwarded to district level – all neatly completed : many thanks to all of you.

Congratulations to :

1-Clementine Rixhon (ZC Luxembourg Multiculturel)

2-Laura Faghihi (ZC Bremen)

3-Pauline Nissen (ZC Saint-Hubert Redouté) .

8 jurors have been at work for their scorings by points ; each area had a jury member, what was really good!. And myself. I must say that all the jurors made a fantastic job with all their competencies and heart. And if the 25 outstanding young ladies did their very best , the top 5 was absolutely clear in accordance with the scores. As we had decided in the DBM, ranking was the second step for the evaluation: the addition of all the rankings made the top three even clearer. All my congratulations go to the laureates and their supporting clubs. I wish them all the best for their future ! And my thanks go to all the clubs , all the zontians who put so much energy and time to publicize and share the YWPA program, to seek suitable nominees, to support their candidacies, and also to the so extraordinarily dedicated jurors who made this competition possible.. The final international results will be released at the end of June : fingers crossed !


ZC Bourg-Mâcon

D27 YWPA Committee Chairman 2016-2018



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